We at ZIC believe that an honourable company is that which contributes substantially to the society in significant ways. With venture capital ZIC helps potential clients embark on their business venture with ease. Head Hunting prospective and productive business opportunities or start-ups that are looking for infusion of capital. We raise capital for potential business opportunities and look forward to building and supporting their business with our professional expertise. We also work towards shaping business opportunities for potential investors, to suit your needs.


Pre – Identification

  • Business Plan
  • Assessment of Quantum
  • Assessment of Timing
  • Appointment of Agencies (Financial advisors, Legal and Business advisors)
  • Preparation of IM, Financial Model, Vendor due diligence reports
  • Short listing potential investors
  • Vendor due diligence (Big 4)
Post – Identification

  • Short List (5-6)
  • Due Diligence
  • Negotiate valuation, Terms & Conditions
  • Final Selection
  • Documentation (Shareholding/ Share Subscription Agreement)
  • Satisfaction of condition procedure
  • Deal Closure